The big bug hotel build at USW

Year 2 worked like little workbees this afternoon to build a 5* luxury bed and breakfast for the bugs of Newport city . They really enjoyed the activity, building it from pallets and recycled materials ,e.g.  plant pots , milk cartons, sticks, toilet rolls, leaves, straw, to name a few.

There are many links that can be made to EY learning and social skill development was something that was identified in using it as a project task with the children , where everyone has a job .

Getting children to connect with the very basics of nature , the beginnings of the  food chain and learning to care for living things is the start of handing on the stewardship of the planet.

Children will monitor the bug hotel and learn to identify the different bugs that live there …a great starting point. Mangnifiers at the ready! ….big bug hunters are ready to get to work .

The build begins – pallets in place
Layering it up and using recycled materials for stuffing


Busy at work….
Cutting tops and bottoms off bottles and stuffing it with straw .. cosy
‘Bug & Breakfast ‘ in Newport City @GWT

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